One late November day walking around charming Gracia district, trying to achieve Verdi cinema to see a good movie, my attention was dragged by little and cosy boutique “Suite”. I entered and convinced Juan to enter as well (men don´t go nuts about shopping). So as a typical customer, first of all I scanned the atmosphere, looked quickly at the outfits and finally I saw what I was looking for, it was a magazine, but may be that magazine was only excuse, who knows?  I raised my eyes and saw Marta…Marta turned out to be a talented fashion designer(, illustrator  (  and also an excellent painter… Could you imagine? We started to talk about her work, she showed us her November publication in Lamono magazine, I looked her designs, and finally she proposed to draw us. I was excited about this idea… So here is the picture of a talented Marta! There was no movie that evening, but anyway we have this special gift!  Thanks so much to creative MARTA!!!!!