Me, myself and I, my world, my pictures, my thouhgts...."


I took these pictures last autumn in Nepal during exhausted long hours of travelling in the crowded buses. I really was fascinated of the images of people we can see in the opposite window, I was looking to them from my dreamy window of Europe and they were staring at me from their spiritual window of Asia, in which we, European human beings, are interesting so. The window separated us was creating an illusion of disengagement, the texture of glass itself with its history, framed the face taking it out from the real life context. Their looks were still, deaf with a slight dose of hope filtered by surface of dirty glass…Sometimes this glass was covered with raindrops. Rain, silence and movement… It was enigmatic and the most remarkable picture for me which I tried to capture…  
Today I am looking for the tickets to go to my native Ukraine for some days or may be for a week and I am eager to steal these window pictures there…
Listening Naval of Yann Tiersen


I started to forget what "spring" means. Go to Wikipedia, darling!!!!   

"Spring is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition period between winter and  summer. Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and broadly to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth".  

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Make-up and hairstyle: Linn Dembacke

Model:  Sofia Reuterving


Digital photography is my boyfriend and film is my husband which is based on a typical love and hate relationship. You can have both at the same time, right??? :)

Last weeks I tried some ancient techniques based on film applicable to photography. I have to admit I didn´t success in it, but I promise I´ll do…. Firstly I tried cyanotype. I worked with two stock solutions: ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanidem and water. Both of these chemicals are pretty nice powders: one extra blue and another one of extra orange colour. You should know they are toxic, so don´t confuse them with species you use for preparation of food.  I really enjoyed the process of working in a dark room, it´s pretty magical, it was timeless for me…red light, smell of developer solution, your fingers are wet, they touch the paper, they feel its texture, recycled papers I adore so!!!, you put a negative, exposition to sun light and… damn, 5 or 7 minutes or may be more, you never know an  exact time period and you get the image…

I also tried salted paper…here the results guys:)


This shooting was made in my ancient lovely flat in Poble Nou. I spent there about 2,5 years and I´ve really fallen in love with it. First time I entered there I felt something really deep as if it were done of air and light, which full each squire meter of it. We were living in a deep harmony, my flat and I and there was the third also:  my parrot Luchik (it means “sunray”) , my flat knew what was on my mind when I was keeping silence and, of course, when I was speaking, thinking, dreaming, when I was excited or depressed. Too much light there inside and smell of the recent milled coffee bins. May be that’s why these pictures turned out to be so white…

We made this shooting the last day of February, it was already empty but still my soul inside, with Diana, little Colombian baby girl who was born on the same day as I and who also goes nuts of photography ( and  18 years old young make-up artist Maria de la O, who seems to be very talented.
I still wonder why I couldn´t fly there, niether I nor my parrot …. but

Soon this space will be too small
And I'll laugh so hard
That the walls cave in

Then I'll die four times
And be born again
In a little box
With a golden key...


WELCOME to my B L O G !!!!!

Hi everybody!!!

Finally, I presented my web site and now my blog. This is something I wanted to do long time ago, but never had time for it. So I feel really satisfied I do it. 
Here you´ll find things I currently like and things I currently make, may be things I currently hate…..:) Most of them related to photography, fine arts and graphic design, antique furnisher, creativity and trips… Anyway, I´ll try to tell you all my stories with images. I constantly reinvent myself and always want to encourage creativity. I do hope you´ll enjoy it!!! Thank you for visiting and have a nice day :) 
Cheers :)
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