Me, myself and I, my world, my pictures, my thouhgts...."


 When I first come to Argentinean Patagonia, I was impressed by large wild empty and may be the most vast and strangest part of the world I have ever seen. Ironically but fact this is the most remote area and the more south you go more isolated you feel: nothing around you, one can go 300 km and hardly meet someone, only see mountains, different animals which cross the road when you drive a car by 41 route and listen the whistling of Patagonian wind. Sincerely speaking the language of Patagonian wind is unforgettable, it stops your thoughts, erase your memories, any chaos which can live inside you disappear and tells you that you are nothing, a little human being in this immerse world. There I discovered what the expression “to feel in harmony with the nature” really means. Before I just accepted and may be understood it, but there it was like “Damn, finally I felt it …. deeply in my heart, with each  cell of my soul, I felt really integrated in the nature”.  When you safely come back home that place seems to be unreal dream.

Of course, since I wanted to repeat, repeat the sensation of this lonely stunning blast of nature, of true wilderness and mystique cold desert, my eyes want to see more glaciers, I want to drive less travelled roads in the world, to find empty place and spend hours gaping into space, to lie on the black sanded beach and look over endless grey ocean, listen the waves on the edge of the world, cheat a troll and finally make a friend of gnome and tell him all my secrets I keep inside of my heart.




We have been living with our repaired rocking chair for a couple of months, but I have thousand things to do before than put a new entry on my blog. Shame on me, guys!  We found it in the street, the previous owner has thrown it out, abandoned it uncaressly and we adopted it in our vintage flat. It´s hardly visibly expressed its age, but I guess it has no more than 40 years.  It took long hard desperate hours to removedamaged seat spindles by tapping them out with a hammer and punch, apply a finish stripper to remove the finish, remove it with a putty knife, bleach it, paint it and to give it an ancient look.  But it was worth the efforts. The most beautiful idea was to cover the seat with the picture of the hands of my boy friend I took before, cute idea:) Am I right? So I printed the picture on canvas and then we stuck it with staples and nails.

Now my rocker is so good as new. Sit back, relax and rock away with a glass of white vine…

and some details:

Seas too far to reach

There are seas too far to reach, there are two different homes, different beds you sleep and you take a plane and float from a room to a room like a ghost. And you know that was your home because you left there a dream to remember, the experience which is not necessary for anybody, the breath printed on the pages of the books you had read ...that room is not mine but i´s just like I left it before with the book of Matisse on the table, but I return to another room where I see the wax drops from the candles like if  I  were stayed in the flat, unreal city with the waves upon the sea to hard to reach....


 music: Okkervil River "baaaaaad days"


Finally, I took some pictures of my little sis Marina, we had two hours possibility to see each other in a small ukranian town Vinnitsa, where we both were born...



 Masha always accused me that I like to shoot ballet dancers, little girls who move like butterflies, but I really like to study the movements of  persons, the gestures and poses of human figures are so important to me.  There are different forms by which our bodies interect with the outside world: attack, defence and desire to comunícate ideas and emotions. So, when you don´t see the eyes of person, don´t hear her voice, you see only the movements, which are the unique language of communication. And, dear folk, that´s true. When I was a little girl I found  in the psycological library of my mum the book “Language of gestures”, I read it and started to contemplate the people surrounding me, only language of movements .... and I discovered a lot of new things which helped me to understand better a human being. Today analyzing her statement I found out that may be doing shootings of ballet dancers I want to create some kind of artificial language comfortable for me. I need this state of total freedom in order to create this image of woman who lives inside of deaf movie, in a kindom of  transparent butterflies, meloncoly and screaming  sounds of gramophone.

Masha came to Barcelona some days ago, she brought me my two desirable gramophones which I am eager to listen and listen… She also was my sad ballet dancer, she also was a little creature of my admirable DEGAS.      
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