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The wind

Today I supposed to do so many things after a little pause, but I got up sick

Yesterday cycling around Barcelona I remembered the story of Ray Bradbury “The Wind”… First time I read it I was so impressed by the power of wind, but yesterday I just felt the same: “Wind was hunting me… creeping me out”

Today I feel sick, autumn gathered in the weather, the wind has its proper touch, the breathing of the world is long, cool and quick and I can´t do the things I planned and my bed is so comfortable to get out... but I´ll come back very soon...

Update me

 I feel like I don´t update it for a long but sometimes it seems stupid to write something and just advertise yourself, I guess someone should write when the inspiration comes, and never write for somebody else, only for yourself… I believe it is the unique  way to be natural, but very often we are so contaminated by other things surrounding us that no desire appears. Today is raining in Barcelona and my soul is looking for silence, deep silence to think and find the lost harmony…Sure Felini was right when he said “If there were little more silence, if we all kept quite…may be we could understand something more”. It should be right moment … now it is: Juan is playing piano and I started to scratch these lines.  It is so beautiful to listen his piano: rain and piano… Enough food for my soul.

Two weeks ago we went to Pais Vasco, two Juanmas and I, long endless hours by car, but it was worthy our efforts, we found a lot of inspiration in the nature and things we saw, we discovered a clear limit of what we wanted to see and what we didn´t want. And it was positive for us. Juanma was the finalist of “Young Designers Contest of Cantabria”, he presented his look “La Boheme” on the fashion show. There were also other talented young designers: Silvia Gallego Panadero y Jaime Alberto Mesa Olano with their look "Triángulo" (see the second picture on the left side), Mario Rogel Ventosa who presented his model  "C" (see the last picture: brown dress on the left). The winner was Mónica Guillán González with her  "Petite Coquille Look 1" (white coat: see the sixth picture), but I am still in love with Juanma`s look (the first and the last picture). I made some pictures of the show (see below) and then we went all together to drink txakoli…



Nora Izagirre. Autumn Winter 2010/2011. Fashion work.

 Hi autumn:) 

When you come you never ask the permission to enter. You just walk in where you left us last. But you always welcome for me!!! I adore you so much, I love your smell, your raindrops, I even bought my new Katushkas to meet you, you are my favourite season, love your gorgeous red and yellow trees, I love sounds of jazz which you use to present me, love my anual trip to Paris, love all my Libra amazing friends, love to wait for a phone call of a stranger who will say me "Happy Birthday". 

I also love to make pictures in autumn...Here are Nora Izagirre catalog for girls who want to look cute this autumn. Big thanks to Linn as always, to Paulo Salinas and especially to Andrea Rapport for their presence and and help...and for make this work easy and beautiful! Soon big pictures on my web site...



"Forever Young" for Libertarian Magazine september/october 2010

forever young, i want to be forever young
do you really want to live forever, forever and ever 
some are like water, some are like the heat 
some are a melody and some are the beat 
sooner or later they all will be gone 
why don´t they stay young???


We really feel young an I am stil 28...

Photography:  Kati Lanhe (
Styling: Juanma Granero Fernandez  (
Make-up and Hair: Linn Dembacke  ( for Make-up Forever
Models: Arpi Kuzmovych & Enzo (Icon Models, Barcelona Visit:


 Here are some of my pictures " FUTURE IS ABOUT CHANGE" . Please visit:

and more in the gallery:)

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