Me, myself and I, my world, my pictures, my thouhgts...."

I would like to collect memories & moments…

Due to some changes in my life I hardly find some minutes to update my blog, shame on me.

But I did not leave photography, even more now it occupies all my time. The thing I got clear, the more you are involved in the commercial photography, more hungry you have to create personal projects. Last two months I spent with hungry to create images, which slowly dissipate from surface. I find more beauty to use continuous light than flashes and I am more interested in paintings. I would like to see the limit between background and model, build up a time of abstraction, a subjective time of memories and dreams where moments melt into eternity. Hungry to come back to the past and find silence that permeates the images with quite austere design. I hope to finish soon my personal project about paintings and photography. Meanwhile, my silence images from the past. I like her name…NIKA 


This is not constructed image

 It´s simply my brother came back from fishing and my grandmother was cleaning the fish in the kitchen...

HAPPY 2011!!!:) 

My unpublished pics…

Dear friends, I decided to publish here my unpublished pictures of “MY GENDER” shoot, which was made for QVEST magazine. The first reason of it, because a lot of you ask me about it, and secondly because I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this shoot: I met a very beautiful and extremely professional Natalia Beliyakova which speaks my language and ironically but fact we discovered a lot of things in common. And ones again big thanks to talented Juanma Granero&Linn Dembacke and, of course, to my boy-friend who understands that all things I do form a real part of who I am… and this is the most important matter or may be it is just a simple question how deep we are willing to go... Hope you like it!


One late November day walking around charming Gracia district, trying to achieve Verdi cinema to see a good movie, my attention was dragged by little and cosy boutique “Suite”. I entered and convinced Juan to enter as well (men don´t go nuts about shopping). So as a typical customer, first of all I scanned the atmosphere, looked quickly at the outfits and finally I saw what I was looking for, it was a magazine, but may be that magazine was only excuse, who knows?  I raised my eyes and saw Marta…Marta turned out to be a talented fashion designer(, illustrator  (  and also an excellent painter… Could you imagine? We started to talk about her work, she showed us her November publication in Lamono magazine, I looked her designs, and finally she proposed to draw us. I was excited about this idea… So here is the picture of a talented Marta! There was no movie that evening, but anyway we have this special gift!  Thanks so much to creative MARTA!!!!!

La Relève

 Déjà je m´éloigne de lénseigne verte qui éclarait nos nuits et rythmait nos heures. Je n'y peux rien en quelque sorte, faut voir tout ce qu'on nous foutait dessus comme modèles et lignes à suivre.
J'ai pris une chambre un peu plus haut, où je ne fais rien, où je regarde lentement tout se défaire, je sens bien que n'arrivera jamais la relève et la remise en route 

Living in my little world of touchable sounds and amazing voice of Yann....only genius can use typewriter to create music.
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