Me, myself and I, my world, my pictures, my thouhgts...."

Nora Izagirre. Autumn Winter 2011/2012.

 soon big pictures on my web

walk alone

 Right you are ... this night walk on the beach made me feel better. I came back home and started to re read Lolita. 

"Humbert: I missed you. I missed you a lot.
Lolita: Well I haven't missed you. In fact, I've been revoltingly unfaithful to you. But it doesn't matter, because you don't care about me anymore anyway.
Humbert: What makes you think I don't care about you?
Lolita: Well you haven't kissed me yet, have you? "


our school days in URSS

 nostalgy tovarishi .... 

Good-bye Marina

Today was the last day of my sis in Barcelona. This morning when I was sleeping so deeply just to charge myself with the energy for the next week, she entered in my room, waked me up and said"May be you could do some pictures of me before I go?"...So here is the result, the pictures of Marina I took 2 hours before her flight.



Dear friends, 
This Tuesday, 24 of May,  I´ll screen some pictures of my "ART RESET" project.
Julián Romea, 6, BARCELONA.  Time: 19:15.
Hope to see you there!!!  
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